What is Spinning?
Spinning is an indoor cycling program for anyone who wants to lose weight and work on fitness. It is one of our most popular programs. We were brought up with it and it is wonderful: cycling. Fast results are possible with this program thanks to the high degree of fat burning. Wonderful music provides extra energy during the challenging training.

Is spinning right for me?
spinning is for anyone who wants to train purposefully and wants to work on top condition. The coach motivates you to get the most out of yourself every week and to go that extra mile. Young, old, man, woman, beginner, advanced: everyone in the group works towards their own goal.

What does a spinning class look like?
The class is packed with energetic, varied music that challenges you to move quickly. Throughout the lesson you will be taken on a cycling route over mountains and valleys. The coach and the exercises during the program ensure optimal relaxation and effort every week. You enjoy the music while working hard on a healthier and fitter body.

Advantages of spinning:

  • Simple and therefore suitable for everyone
  • Music provides inspiration, motivation and fun
  • You train at your own level and determine the intensity yourself
  • Effective training: achieve results very quickly

Results of spinning:

  • Tighter and slimmer buttocks, stomach and legs thanks to high fat burning
  • Fast improvement of your fitness
  • During the spinning class you will burn about 725 calories

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