Dear athlete,

Our patience is being tested severely, but if we are to believe our Prime Minister, the tipping point is near. We stick to that and hope to finally get a good message in 2 weeks. Until then, we will continue with our online classes. These are really well attended. Once again we would like to ask you to participate, the reactions are very positive.

The Outdoor lessons that are already possible at the Ijzerenman are also well attended. Of course everything is done in a safe way according to current guidelines. We have also started online classes for companies. In these difficult times you become resourceful. If you work for a company that mainly works at home, feel free to contact them by email. Then we offer 30 minute workouts online for the people at home.

We really hope that we can keep it up with all of us for a while. We desperately need your support. We are very proud and happy with the members who have supported us all this time. Nationally, 20% of gyms have already collapsed, but thanks to you we will make it and hope for a quick reopening.
If you want to participate in the online class, but you do not know how it works, please contact us by email. We are happy to explain it to you. All lessons that take place are listed on the reservation app; both outside and online.

Dear Splendid Athletes, we hope to see you very soon
Above all, stay healthy!

John, Suzan & Team Splendid