About Splendid Sports Center


Who doesn’t want to get healthier and stay healthy? Splendid Sports Center can help you with this.

Our sports center provides a large group of members with an important primary necessity of life, namely regular and responsible exercise in a pleasant way. We always look for the most optimal training for every individual and every objective. We have been doing this for years with great results.

At Splendid, the atmosphere is relaxed. People are working hard in the fitness area and the aerobics floor, but there is also time for a nice chat, reading newspapers and relaxing at the bar. Our audience is extremely varied; young and old, beginner and advanced and everything in between.

Do you want to improve your stamina, get stronger, lose weight, participate in group lessons, reduce stress or just train in a relaxed manner? Everything is possible! We stand for responsible and effective training. Within Sports Center Splendid you can choose from various training forms. Our services are aimed at delivering the highest quality, so that we’re sure that you’ll reach your goals. That means quality in the facility and the trainers. The trainers can give you advice about the different training forms and the effect. That advice depends on your personal goal, wishes and your baseline.

Fitness is a collective name for training, in which the general fitness is increased with strength equipment and weights. The great thing about fitness is that you can decide whenever you want to come. An adapted and personal program for every purpose: for muscle mass, a tighter figure or the rehabilitation of an injury.

Cardio Fitness involves improving your heart and lung system. At Splendid we have the following equipment: bicycles, low bicycles, treadmills, cross trainers, steppers, stairmasters and rowers.

For questions you can mail to: info@splendidsportcentrum.nl