• During a Body Tec training, all major muscle groups are trained at the same time. Every 4 seconds a tightening of all muscle fibres takes place, after which a relaxation of 4 seconds takes place again. Electrical stimulation increases the performance of the entire body. This is noticeable and visible within a short time. As with any other form of training, it is essential that regular training is done to achieve a lasting effect. Body Tec training proves the body to be stronger, faster and fitter without having to develop extra kilos of muscle mass first. The same muscle mass is used more efficiently, which activates a greater percentage of muscle fibres in order to deliver more power that can be maintained for longer.
  • During the training you wear clothing made of special material that fits well and is suitable for transferring the impulses to the body. A special electrode vest is worn over the undergarments with attached electrodes for the arm, leg and glutes. The electrode vest is connected to the safe and effective Body Tec equipment. We recommend that you wear indoor sports shoes. You can change in one of our changing rooms. Advice is to put on your special clothing at home so that we can start training right away. In 20 minutes your muscles are effectively stimulated by means of low-frequency electrical impulses. As a result, the muscle tissue is built up in a short time, the metabolism is stimulated, the subcutaneous fat tissue is streamlined and the skin strengthened.