What is personal training?

Exercise and being healthy are two different things. If you want to live a structurally healthy life, you must create a healthy lifestyle for yourself that is easy to maintain and that makes you feel good. That means a combination of exercise, healthy food and discipline. Splendid has the qualified personal trainers who will help you reach your goals.

With personal training you work together with a personal trainer on a healthy lifestyle. You will work with that person to create a program to work toward your goal.

Why personal training at Splendid?

  • Personal training, training program and nutritional program
  • Sufficient training options and varietyv
  • Whenever you want to plan in it your schedule
  • Working together on a healthy lifestyle that suits you
  • Having someone that keeps you accountable

Balanced lifestyle

Personal training is more than just sports. Together with your trainer you determine specific goals for a healthy, active lifestyle. To achieve this, it is necessary to find a good balance in exercise, nutrition and relaxation.

Losing weight and other goals of personal training

Losing weight is one of the most common goals in personal training. But it may also be that you have more specific goals than weight loss. For example, you may want to work towards a (half) marathon, or train specifically for your favourite sport. Or you have health problems that require special attention and knowledge in sports and exercise. Our professional personal trainers have this knowledge to help you.


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